music hall stealth turntable

stealth turntable

The music hall stealth turntable—our first direct drive turntable, Stealth features a brushless low-torque motor that automatically stops running at the end of a record.

a sound foundation

This substantial this 24-pound turntable attenuates external vibrations by utilizing what Michael Fremer notes is “an unusually heavy, multi-layer and well-damped chassis as well as large, viscous-elastomer damped height-adjustable feet and a 4 pound, elastomer-damped… aluminum platter”.

ready to play

Stealth is a 3-speed direct drive turntable that comes complete with an s-shaped tonearm, a detachable headshell, and a  factory-mounted, precision aligned Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.

Reviews of the Stealth

To have survived for close to 37 years in the consumer electronics arena and, more specifically, the rarefied marketplace of high-end audio, you must be doing something right, and Roy Hall, president of Music Hall Audio, obviously is.

I spent several weeks spinning LP after LP on its platter and never had a bad moment. It checked all the boxes on my turntable checklist. Spun records at the correct speeds? Check. Isolated the signal from electrical or mechanical feedback? Check. Provided repeatable tonearm adjustment settings? Check. Included a removable headshell? Check. Got out of the way of the music? Big check.

I view it as the foundation upon which a fine system is built. Music Hall Audio and Roy Hall have hit it out of the park with this one.

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stealth feature list

  • direct drive design
  • low torque, brushless motor 
  • touch-activated electronic speed control
  • 33 1⁄3, 45, and 78 rpm
  • motor automatically stops at the end of the record
  • automatic standby mode activated after 20 minutes of non-use
  • aluminum tonearm with  VTA that can be adjusted while the record is playing
  • removable head shell
  • Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge ($230 value) comes pre-mounted and precision-aligned
  • 4-pound aluminum platter
  • vibration-damping rubber platter mat
  • vibration-damping feet
  • cloth dust cover
  • removable RCA cables

Stereophile Review

by Herb Reichert | Sep 29, 2022

I can think of no record player under $2000 that I’d rather use.

Or recommend.

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stealth review

by Soundstage Access
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