connect phono cables

Unleash texture, dynamics, and clarity in the sound of your turntable. This specially formulated wire was designed specifically to transmit the fragile low-level phono signal produced by your turntable.

Phono signals are not like other line level signals, they are extremely low voltage and thus susceptible to loss in transmission. We developed a wire specifically designed to work in this unique environment with the least signal loss possible.

Two years in development…

Two years in development with one of the world’s leading cable designers has resulted in the production of this magnificent wire. A cable specially designed for turntables.

CONNECT with your records.

The CONNECT cable will have you pulling out and rediscovering your record collection.

connect feature list

  • Multi-Gauge Construction using 3 different conductor materials/gauges
  1. Cardas Grade 1 Copper w/(Polyethylene (PE) Insulation)
  2. Oxygen-Free-Copper (OFC) w/(PE Insulation)
  3. Polymer-Coated OFC
  • Low Dielectric Constant Polyethylene Insulation for low-loss
  • 100% Double Shielded for immunity to RFI & EMI
  1. Aluminum foil shield
  2. Braided copper shield
  • Unique integral turntable ground wire with spade terminals at both ends
  • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) jacket with nylon braid for tangle-free handling
  • 24K Gold-Plated RCA connectors for corrosion resistance and best electrical contact
  • Anodized Aluminum connector shells
  • Length 1.25m (A bit longer than your average meter length cable making it easier to CONNECT your table to your system.)
  • Proprietary 28th Century Technology Brought Back in a Time Machine (just kidding…)

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  for support, please call (516) 487-3663 or email us at

for support, please call
(516) 487-3663
or email us at