Fix What Is Broken

As discussed, the current mh website is based on a framework that has not been supported or updated since March of 2015. As a result, we have experienced a pharma hack due to outdated security, increasingly unpredictable site behavior, and deteriorating compatibility with modern mobile and tablet devices.

Establish a Modern Framework

Building a new website on a modern platform will not only “stop the bleeding,” it will open up many possibilities in the future. Functional enhancements such as proper responsive behavior are built into the new framework, as are interactive and powerful content management interfaces. The result is a website that is more “future proof,” as reflected in the 3-year warranty below.

Maximize Existing Resources

Over the past 4 years, we have accumulated some great images. At the same time, fans on websites like Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube have been posting their own visual resources. We need a platform where the potential exists to make full use of these resources, one that opens up the possibility of music hall’s future participation in social media, something even your most conservative competitors are already doing.

Make More of Opportunities

Last year alone, your site had 116,668 unique visitors, not one of whom was given the opportunity to give you their email address. In an age where permission-based e-mail marketing is the king of cost-effective revenue generators, you are leaving a lot on the table. An e-mail list, comprised of people who care enough about music hall to sign up, is a truly valuable commodity, one that can be built for free within the new framework.


I am often (and I mean very often) told that clients don’t like spending money. I frequently wonder whether they consider their 401k, their child’s education, or the drinks they buy members of the press to be expenses? Your website is an investment, a set of ads that is viewed more than 500,000 times a year. It is your catalog, your set of brochures, your billboard. It is, for many would-be customers, the only touch point they will have with music hall.

The website I am proposing will likely be comprised of more than 100 pages. The going rate for such a site (as it was 4 years ago) is 100 billable hours, or $12,500. The website will carry a warranty of 3 years, protecting you in case the new framework is no longer supported at some future date within that span.

Because of our longstanding relationship, I am willing to get started on the new site now, and break up payments in any way we agree to be mutually acceptable. (Suggestions below…) My commitment would be to have the new site ready by AXPONA. In reality, I can have it ready much sooner, provided we have a new contract in place.

Thank you, Roy and Leland! I look forward to helping you further your online presence and to participating actively in your continued success.


Standard Contract

This is how I typically do business: 1/2 of the website’s cost up front, 1/2 when it’s published.

• 2 payments of $6,250.
• $99/month maintenance and hosting

Monthly Contract

Here, the cost of the site, hosting, and maintenance is spread out equally over 36 months.

• 36 monthly payments of $449

Front-Loaded Contract

If you want to expense a portion of the website in 2017, you may pay whatever portion you wish up front. The remainder will be amortized over the course of the contract.

NOTE: In all cases, I will waive the monthly maintenance and hosting fee of $99 for one year for each audio company referral I receive from you that results in a contract.

  for support, please call (516) 487-3663 or email us at info@musichallaudio.com

for support, please call
(516) 487-3663
or email us at info@musichallaudio.com