music hall audio cd15.2


“…These are the roots of rhythm and the roots of rhythm remain,”
—Paul Simon, Under African Skies.

In designing the a15.2 we decided to go back to the roots of audio. Back to a time when integrated amps dominated the landscape in audio shops as a smart alternative to big separates.

Paul’s lyrics are a perfect description of the cd15.2’s performance. It’s a smooth, rich, open, and musical sounding CD player that maintains the roots of music’s rhythm.

The cd15.2 is the result of years of research and technological development prescription free squeezed into a pure and simple design. The player is the ideal partner for the a15.2 integrated amp.

feature list

  • 24bit/192kHz Burr-Brown PCM 1739 DAC
  • brushed aluminum faceplate
  • Sanyo DA11SLM CD transport mechanism
  • gold plated stereo output
  • power saving standby operation
  • coax and optical digital outputs
  • removable power cord
  • special padded vibration damping feet
  • voltage switchable
  • system remote control
  • easy to view display
  • silver or black

product specifications

  • w17w x d11.5d x h3.3 in.
  • 13 lbs. pkg.

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