Music Hall cd35.2 cd player

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Music Hall cd35.2 cd player (back)

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Music Hall cd35.2-cd player (interior)


Music Hall Remote ir25 in Silver

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Partner it with the matching a35.2 integrated amplifier for a great sounding system.”


This product is not available in the US!

The cd35.2 is the outstanding sequel to the highly acclaimed cd25.2. In crafting the cd35.2, we opted not to change the solid minimalist style chassis and instead focused our attention on upgrading the key sound producing components: the cd transport, DAC, master clock, and power supply.

The cd transport, the core of the cd35.2, is the ultra-precision Austrian built Stream Unlimited Blue Tiger transport. This scientific-grade transport mechanism, used in conjunction with a special designed low-jitter master clock and Burr-Brown PCM 1732 24bit DAC, produces a lively, natural, analog-like sound. The high generic brands of grade toroidal power transformer and regulated power supplies insure the performance remains consistently exceptional.

The cd35.2 is the perfect complement to Music Hall’s a35.2 integrated amplifier. These two components combined offer a remarkable “live music” experience.

feature list

  • precision Austrian built Stream Unlimited CD 80 transport
  • ultra low jitter Burr-Brown PCM 1732 24 bit DAC w/HDCD decoder
  • thick brushed aluminum front plate
  • solid low resonance chassis
  • high grade low noise toroidal power transformer
  • two digital outputs; 1 x coaxial and 1 x optical
  • one standard analog stereo output
  • special vibration damping feet
  • gorgeous slim line system remote control
  • easily readable and dimmable florescent display
  • detachable power cord
  • voltage switchable

technical specifications

  • w17 x d14.5 x h3 in.
  • 13 lbs. pkg.

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